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Swine Finishing Assistant

  • Location: Waterloo, Iowa

    Date Posted: 7/15/2021

    Type of Employment: Full-Time

    Porkhaven Farms is a wean-to-finish operation located near Waterloo, Iowa.

    We are hiring a full-time Swine Finishing Assistant.  In this role, you’ll be responsible for daily chores to ensure proper feed, water, air, and overall pig care. 


    Operate Finishing Unit:

    • Run feed lines and adjust feeders and waters when necessary.
    • Maintain a proper pen environment.
    • Monitor pig health and carry out the treatment in conjunction with the veterinarian.
    • Assist with selling hogs.
    • Power wash and disinfect buildings when emptied.
    • Monitor pits and run scraper weekly.
    • Dispose of dead pigs and be able to euthanize pigs when necessary.
    • Perform maintenance on the facilities, equipment, and ventilation systems to the best of your abilities.

    Other Responsibilities:

    • Do weekend chores as outlined in the personnel manual.
    • Maintain accurate inventory sheets at all sites.
    • Be responsible for maintaining a high level of biosecurity between all buildings and sites.
    • Monitor and maintain a compost pile.
    • Assist in other areas as needed.


    • Previous swine experience preferred.
    • Desire and ability to work in a fast-paced environment, be innovative, and adapt to change.
    • Excellent organization, accuracy, and attention to detail.

    We offer a competitive salary (based on experience and qualifications), group health, dental and vision insurance, flex system cafeteria plan, 401K retirement, and life insurance.

    If you want to work with a growing and dynamic organization, please apply.

How to Apply:

1. Apply Online

Apply Online

2. Call or Email:


3. Mail Resume

Mail to:
AgStaff, Inc.
7502 Hammond Avenue
Waterloo, Iowa 50701

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