Our Technology

In keeping with LHF’s progressiveness, it has always been an early adopter of leading edge technologies that improve the efficiency, quality, and overall effectiveness of processes.

Lanehaven Farms uses Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to control and record everything from fertilizer application to harvest. LHF uses state of the art GPS receivers known as Real Time Kinematic (RTK). This precise GPS communicates with a network of base stations to correct its signal within an inch of accuracy, and is the engine behind real time operations mapping, autosteer, and variable rate product application control. Field collected data is processed in house and analyzed using ArcView, a Geographic Information System.

Check out the Farm Futures January 7th, 2013 edition where Curt Hollis shares his thoughts on how telematics could change farming in the future.

Lanehaven Farms has a long history of employing conservation tillage practices including ridge till, strip till, and no till to farm land in a sustainable manner. In addition, LHF still performs conventional tillage where fitting. The reduced tillage practices are beneficial because they conserve soil and save money by reducing trips across the field. LHF also work with landowners if they have certain preferences for how to operate on their land.

The farm started planting cover crops such as winter wheat and tillage radishes the last several years to help improve soil compaction and erosion.